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Neraida is a beautiful village of the Municipality of Servia – Velvento in the prefecture of Kozani, very close to the larger cities of the region. Located at the top of a hill, with panoramic views to the artificial lake of Polyphytos, the famous Aliakmonas Bridge, the Pieria Mountains and the snowy top of Mount Olympus, it is considered one of the most remarkable tourist spots in the Prefecture of Kozani. There is also a hydroelectric dam in the area, a renewable energy source, preserving the natural landscape.

In the village of Neraida there are a lot of hotels, restaurants, traditional taverns, coffee shops and pizzerias, usually small family businesses, which are renowned for their high sense of hospitality and passion for their work. The fine service in combination with the magnificent view, reward every visitor, leaving him the best impressions.

Γέφυρα Σερβίων
Νεράιδα εκκλησία


A nautical club is located just outside Neraida, which organizes various water sports activities, like water skiing and rowing. You can also go fishing or swim in the lake.

Additionally, you can walk on the side path that runs along the bridge, which is 1.4 km long, enjoying the beautiful scenery above the lake. Another choice is the 500-meter-long hiking path that surrounds Neraida, which offers a great opportunity to observe the rich flora, up close.

If you prefer something more relaxing, the area of Neraida is an ideal photography spot, with the lake, the bridge and the mountains in the background. Or you can just watch the amazing sunset.

Neraida is trully an excellent destination, as it can offer a lot of unique experiences.

neraida path
Ναυτικός Όμιλος

Neraida is an ideal destination for one or two day trips, as it is very close to other popular destinations in the area.

Distances to other cities:

Thessaloniki: 140 km / 86 mi
Kastoria: 96 km / 60 mi
Florina: 98 km / 61 mi
Edessa: 100 km / 62 mi
Naousa: 95 km / 59 mi
Giannena: 167 km / 103 mi
Larisa: 103 km / 64 mi
Volos: 166 km / 103 mi
Katerini: 72 km / 44 mi
Grevena: 70 km / 43 mi

If you visit Neraida village and you are looking for a place to eat and have a great time, we recommend the traditional tavern “Φωλιά”. The friendly staff will give you a warm welcome. All the dishes are made with local, traditional ingredients and there is also a wide list of local red and white wine.

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